About Me

Born and raised in Boston, I made the move to Texas in 2003 and now myself, my husband, three pugs and two cats call Dallas our home. I started sewing when I was 13 and am mostly self-taught by experimentation and lots of research. From Rocky Horror to Moulin Rouge, my creations have graced many a stage, magazine or television show including the Today Show™ and more.

I am a US Army veteran having served in the Military Police; after many years working in the defense industry I made the leap to self-employment and am now a full-time seamstress and performer under the stage name of 'Blaze, The Red Rose of Texas'. Please be sure to check out my performance website for information on bookings & lots more: www.BlazeBurlesque.com

From burlesque to belly dance, Queen to horsewoman, princess parties to underwater mermaid performances I have many experiences to offer expert advice on your gown, costume, or cosplay.