Making a costume from a comic or anime is always a challenge I am up for! As a longtime comic & SciFi convention attendee, I know how important getting the right look of a character is. You will look like you stepped right off the pages & into real life!

Lady Joker

My often copied original design; The Lady Joker! Made from silk velvet and dupioni and handmade tophat

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Emerald Empress

Green PVC with huge stand up collar

Anime uniform coat

Mara Jade from Star Wars

Black pleather bodysuit with mauve cloak

Alice in Wonderland

Blue & white satin dress

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Cry for Dawn 'Freedom

Winner of 2000 "dawn Look-a-Like contest at Dragoncon. PVC coat with handmade stapped lapels and cuffs.

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Officer Jenny from Pokemon

Cotton uniform with hand appliqued front panel

'Budget' Lady Joker

Poly velvet and green cotton vest

Little Mermaid Pink Dinner Gown

Pink & white satin ballgown

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Cry for Dawn 'Black Tie'

Made to judge contest in 2001. Black, red & white PVC with diamond bust/belly opening

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Kitty Pride from X-Men

Black and yellow PVC

Trinity Blood collar and tie

Embroidered collar and appliqued tie

Jessica Rabbit

Black velvet with hot pink sequin gown. I have made this gown in many different colors & fabrics to suit clients needs!