From ‘The Little Mermaid’ to a sultry siren I love mermaids. I can work with you to create a tail you can actually swim in or a ‘walking tail’ for you to lure on land. I create shell bras, jewelry, hair accessories and more for the discerning Mer!

This is a made to your measurements and specifications swimmable mermaid tail! Created out of spandex you can choose from hundreds of patterns and colors to make it unique! I custom make the fin to be bigger and more beautiful in your choice of shapes so you aren't stuck with a small or boring stock monofin shape. Yes, you can really swim in this tail; check out how it looks in the water in this video

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Real starfish embellished with rhinestones, pearls & glitter hair comb

Mermaid seqin 'walking tail'

Little Mermaid pink Dinner gown

For when you want to catch your Prince! Sleeping Beauty all silk gown also by me!

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Real shell & fish net bra

Shell, pearls & seaweed necklace