Movie Inspirations

I love working with people to bring to life the costume they fell in love with on the big screen. I am well known for my recreations of Satine's costumes in 'Moulin Rouge' as well as many others. My eye for details and refusal to settle for anything but ‘looks just like it’ truly sets my creations apart from others.


'Just Breathe' Ballgown from Ever After

The gown is extremly intricate with antique laces and bullion detailing. Instead of bullion I used bugle beads and flowered rhinestones for trimming. Made from sparkling metallic silver crinkle silk and has an undergown of soft silk charmeuse. Hundreds and hundreds of beads and rhinestones have been hand sewn on. I changed the wings for smaller more natural looking ones as I wore this gown originally to a 600 person indoor event.

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Pink Diamonds from 'Moulin Rouge'

The fringe at the bottom of the bodice is hand beaded fringe in both gold and silver twisted bugle beads just like the movie. Hundreds of Swarovski rhinestones cover the pink satin with hand dyed fishnet on the steel boned corset bodice.

This is one of the most expensive Moulin Rouge costumes to try and replicate due to the feather boas. They are ostritch feathers and cost $2500 alone in 2005!

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Columbia Time Warp from Rocky Horror

I performed in Cambridge, Ma for 10+ years and was known for screen accuracy. Even the hat was handmade by me!

Claudia from 'Interview with a Vampire'

Blue taffeta buste gown with yards and yards of ruching in the train

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The 'Shame' Gown from 'Gone with the Wind

Created in red silk satin for a wedding gown! Hand dyed ostrich feather trim

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Sarah's Ballgown from 'Labyrinth'

'I've made this gown many times for various budgets with varying degrees of 'screen accuracy'

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Arwen's Mourning Gown from LotR


Frodo from LotR


Elizabeth Swan from 'PotC'

The gown is created from gorgeous gold brocade which has a pattern very similar to the movie gown. The opening at the front is edged in the very same bow trim as used in the movie! Delicate net lace peeks out from the inside of the sleeves which have been gathered to the crook of your elbow and the same net lace also decorates the neckline and top of the stomacher. The gown opens at the front with hook and eyes and attaches along both sides of the stomacher. Plain ivory brocade stomacher. The stomacher is strongly boned with flat steel and is made from the same ivory brocade as the underskirt. The underskirt is very full and pleated into the waistband and closes at the side.

Hindi Sad Diamonds from 'Moulin Rouge'

Eveything including headpice and hand sculpted tikka handmade by me!

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'Oriental gown from Moulin Rouge'

The costume consists of a skirt and jacket as well as the vintage hat! The entire costume is made from hand dyed red with black flocking silk dupioni with an overlayer of black chiffon to make it look like the pattern in the movie. Vintage black beaded jet trim edges the entire jacket along with the hem of the skirt. More jet trim was added to the real vintage hat to mimic the movie.

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Mina's red silk dinner gown from 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'

About 15 yards of silk in this; 13 in the skirt alone! The underdkirt is fully hand pleated just like the movie.

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Mina's Finale gown from Bram Stoker's Dracula

Made from green silk velvet and yellow silk dupioni. Underseeves are hand pleated and detailed to match the movie

Various Arwen gowns

Arwen's gown design made in different materials and colors to suit customer's requests

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RHPS Floorshow boas

Made from sparkling organza, hand ruffled and edged to look just like the movie

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Black Diamonds from 'Moulin Rouge'


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'Grey Walking gown from Moulin Rouge'

Satine wears this when she tells Christian she doesn't love him. The costume consists of a flared mermaid skirt; a black velvet over bodice and long sleeve bolero. The skirt is mermaid shaped with black gores inserted in the flares at the hem; they appear and disappear when walking. The black velveteen overbodice buttons up the front an is lightly boned (you will need to wear a actual corset under this). The bolero has long sleeves that flare at the cuff and have pouffed sleeves with a screen accurate 'v' of piping and a stand up black velveteen collar. Also included is the vintage hat with rhinestone brooch and netting. It even has a bow in the back!

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Jessica Rabbit

One of my most popular gowns, I've made this in many fabrics to match customer's budgets & wishes! My personal gown features a zipper in the front seam for easy removal!

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I made the pink gown, customer supplied the blood & I helped with appication!

Jareth from Labyrinth

His iconic blue and black glitter waistcoat from the ballroom scene

Mirror Queen crown & beaded earrings from 'Brothers Grimm'

Handmade crown & beaded hanging 'earrings' (attached to end of crown). Planning on creating the whole ensemble soonn!

Padme 'Dinner Gown

From Star Wars - Episode 2