SCA & Historical Reenactment

Having played in the SCA for over ten years and reigning twice as Queen, I have done extensive research and experimentation on period clothing. I will work with you to create your desired period or fantasy goal.

Queens II

White and gold silk brocade gown with red silk pintucked sleeves for my second Queens Champion tournament. Ruff is also silk with gold metal lace trim.

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Grey & scarlet silk German Landsknecht with slashed sleeves & pants.

Made for my Husband, Duke Hrafn Olafsson

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White & red bliaut

Bliaut made for my first coronation; all silk with hand beaded detailing.

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Red & black Rapier armor

Black linen ensemble made to Ansteora rapier armor specifications. Red velvet cutout trim.

Black & gold silk Ansteorra cotehardie

Anstorra silk cotehardie with fimbriated black stars at hem.

Coronation II

Hand embellished overcoats with pointed short sleeves. Undergown from red silk trimmed with hand dyed bullion trim and sheer metal mesh sleeves.

Landsknecht for Tristan

Made for his Pelican ceremony. Right leg is hand made and woven strips of silk.

Green silk cotehardie

Emerald green dupioni with mint green silk brocade lining the hanging sleeves.

Dorothea Sabina von Neuberg

This sumptuous gown is a replica of the gown worn by Dorothea Sabina Von Neuburg from 1598. The gown is made from black silk velvet, red silk dupioni and over 100 yards of various silver trims. The outer hanging sleeves are lined in red silk and the black velvet trimmed with several rows of metallic trim. The inner sleeves are lined with black silk satin and slashed and hand sew red silk dupioni accented with more silver metallic trim. The bodice closes in the front with hook and eyes. The overskirt has a gorgeous train and the underskirt is fully trimmed as well & even features the little brush trim at the hem just like the real gown.

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Black & Red Victorian

This is an original victorian gown I created out of black silk velvet and red silk dupioni. It's actually two pieces a regular bustle skirt and a top which buttons down the front. The top is boned and lined with cotton duck to make it sturdy and worn over a corset. Underneath the gown is a full cage bustle petticoat.

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Raven silk Parti-colored cotehardie

Made to mimic my husband's device, hand appliqued counterchanged ravens.

Black silk with gold bullion swirls cotehardie

Short sleeve cote made of sumptuous black sik will real bullion swirls and gold undersleeves.

Coronation II

Hand embellished overcoat with pointed short sleeves. Undergown from red silk trimmed with hand dyed bullion trim and sheer metal mesh sleeves.

Coronation II undergown

Red silk dipioni with hand dyed bullion trim and gold metal mesh sleeves.

Black and red rapier armor

As Princess on the open field battle at Gulf Wars.

Landsknecht for Tristan

Made for his Pelican ceremony.

Linen with crewel embroidery 'short cote'.

Red & gold silk 'Short cote'.

Cranach's Magdalena

The gown is brick silk velvet and gold with red hand painted and beaded (by me) silk guards. The skirt has 16 gores on it and it is roll pleated to a separate waistband before being hand sewn onto the bodice.

Plastron design is changed to include two black unicorns (I found with the help of Michela documentation of animals on German plastrons and wanted to include my signature unicorn) and a hat and beaded caul were added to formalize the look for the event. 10 natural ostrich feathers were hand curled for the hat. Hemd is semi- sheer white silk with hand smocked neckline and shoulders which you can see through the sleeve slashes and under the bodice lacing.

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Harley Quinn Cotehardie

A take on what Harley would wear if she lived in the 14th century.

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Black and red linen riding cotehardie

With my friesian horse, Maximus.

Blue silk cotehardie with gold silk brocade 'rose cloak'

Blue silk cote with angel wing sleeves & silk cloak. Embroidery by Seraphina & beading by me.

Blue silk cotehardie with angel wing sleeves

Red silk tudor with black and gold sleeves & underskirt

Dark Phoenix cotehardie

Made of red and gold lame silk dupioni as a take of what Dark Phoenix would wear in the 14th century.

Black & red silk Durer gown

Based on Albrecht Durer's 'Venetian Lady' drawing which also was the inspiration art for the Ever After gown.

Black & Gold appliqued fighting tunic

One of the many fighting tunics I've made over the years.